With innovative potato products we mean to add value to your menu. We help satisfy your guests' cravings by offering products that suit today's consumer needs for any moment of the day. Take your pick from our vast range of excellent fries, tasty potato specialties and profitable appetizers.




Regular Fries Straight Cut

Serve after serve, our attractive, golden Regular Fries provide the same high-quality taste, making them a menu item you can always rely on. The industry standard for consistent quality and performance

Regular Fries Steakhouse 

Serving after serving, our regular fries set the standard. This steakhouse variety makes even a regular fry look exquisite. The industry standard for consistent quality and performance

Cook up a crowd-pleaser with our classically tasty Regular Fries and Steakhouse. Our broad range of cuts deliver golden appearance, a light, fluffy texture and satisfying potato flavour. Our Regular Fries offer both uniformity and variety, conveniently available in all cutsizes. 




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